About Us

Our founder, Lynn Warren, has combined her passion for health and wellbeing and a desire to help older adults stay active to create Better:Gen. Better:Gen offers specialist health and wellness for adults with additional needs, and we believe leading a healthy lifestyle should be an integral part of day-to-day life.

“Lynn makes the exercises fun and diverse, taking time to get to know the residents. She is hands on and even leaves the group with ‘ brain/exercise homework’ every week that staff can do with them”

Elaine, Activity co-ordinator

Better:Gen promotes leading a healthy lifestyle, specifically targeting adults who would not ordinarily access health and wellness activities. The benefits of health and fitness for all ages is well documented, however when we focus on older adults, the benefits can be truly, and literally, life-changing.

We offer a wide range of programmes from our community centre where you can access either a full 3-hour group health and wellness package; book sessions for group fitness or wellness activities; attend standard health and fitness classes or book sessions for 1-2-1 personal training.

We are also proud to offer an outreach programme in which we bring the same model to you. Whatever your barriers to wellness if we can help, we will. We believe health and wellness is a basic right for everyone, and follow a person-centred health model. Person-centred health is a way of thinking that sees everyone using our health services as equal partners. Whatever your barriers to wellness, you are welcome at Better:Gen.


Better:Gen was shortlisted for most innovative startup at the Association of Scottish Businesswoman (ASB) awards and best startup for BSW Businesswomen Scotland (BWS) awards. It was a huge achievement to be runner-up in both award categories giving us the opportunity to discuss Better:Gen with the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon!

Our Team

I am a qualified mental health nurse, fitness instructor and personal trainer and have worked in healthcare for 25 years. In this time I specialised in adult mental health, specifically working with older adults living with dementia. I have managed an NHS day hospital for psychiatry of old age, worked in community settings, day care and hospitals. I have witnessed individuals at every stage of wellness. I started Better:Gen with the idea that health and wellness should be a basic right for everyone.

After having my fourth, and last child, at 40, I started working on the foundations of Better:Gen. My first goal was to get myself fit, and started by losing over 6 stone. I’m now an avid runner, having completed a number of half marathons and aim to complete my first 26.2 mile marathon in April 2018. I enjoy gym work, fitness classes but even more so enjoy the community I have entered and the friends I now cherish. I not only feel healthier, I am less stressed, I have more energy, I enjoy my children more and truly believe I am all round a better person.

I wholeheartedly believe in Better:Gen, and there is already so much I have to thank it for. It has changed my life dramatically, and I promise if you give it a try it will change yours too!

Why Choose Better:Gen?