Who We Are

A better life for generations.

Better:Gen is an exciting new concept in daily living and health promotion specifically targeting adults who would not ordinarily access health and wellness activities.

We offer a wide range of interventions from our community centre where you can access either a full 3-hour group health and wellness package; book sessions for group fitness or wellness activities; attend standard health and fitness classes or even book sessions for 1-1 personal training.

We are also proud to offer an outreach programme in which we bring the same model to you. Whatever your barriers to wellness if we can help, we will. Better:Gen is committed to offering the best alternative to standard day services available.

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Benefits of Better:Gen

Members' Benefits

Increased social interaction, confidence, cardiovascular health, strength, self esteem, flexibility, agility, mood, awareness, sleep patterns, behaviour, appetite, stimulation, range of movement, motivation.Learn More »

Organisation/Carer Benefits

For carers and family members, the services can offer some much needed respite. Better:Gen promotes good practice, helps meet government targets, reduces behavioural issues, reduced aggression, fall prevention, increased independence, increased ADLs, raises awareness, mobility.Learn More »


An important effect of exercise for older adults is that it rallies dopamine which naturally reduces as we age. This is critical as this neurotransmitter in the context of ageing is the major signal bearer of the reward and motivation system. Apathy can become a defining characteristic as people age and it’s important to look out for when people move into care settings.Learn More »


Physical and mental disease found in old age are tied together through the cardiovascular and metabolic system. This explains why people who are obese are 2 x as likely to suffer from dementia and those with heart disease are at a greater risk of developing alzheimers, the most common form of dementia.Learn More »